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(COD + local delivery) working light lighting tool, LED-7045B, strong light long-distance portable lamp, high-power rechargeable handheld searchlight.

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Regular Price: ₱956.00

Special Price ₱689.00


Detailed description:
This product has a built-in long-life, maintenance-free, high-capacity rechargeable battery of 2800mAh.
Long life battery, more than 500 cycles of charging and discharging use.
Use energy-saving, high-brightness, high-power, long-life LED.
The power switch is controlled by the touch of a computer chip.
Strong and weak light optional.

Instructions for use:
It can be used continuously for more than 16 hours when fully charged.
During use, when the LED light turns from bright to dim, the battery tends to be fully discharged. At this time, to protect the battery, you should stop using it and charge it in time (not charging when the LED light is completely dark. The battery is easily damaged and fails).
The searchlight should be charged frequently, please do not leave it aside for a long time. If you don't use it frequently, please charge it for about 10 hours every three months, otherwise the battery life will be reduced.

Safety Precautions:
The charging power supply and socket installation should comply with safety regulations.
Do not use the product when charging, so as not to burn the LED lights or the internal charging parts of the power supply.
Do not shine the eyes directly with the searchlight head, so as not to affect your eyesight.
Keep this product away from rain or moisture.
Please stay away from flammable and explosive materials each time you charge, and the charging time cannot exceed 24 hours. (It is recommended to charge during the day).

Technical index: Service temperature: - 10 ℃ - 40 ℃ Ambient air humidity: & lt; 90% Rated charging voltage: AC90 ~ 240V & nbsp; 50 / 60Hz Average charging current: ac0.2a & nbsp; 1.8W Light source power: 3W

Model: 7045b

Battery capacity: 2800 Mah

Lighting time: 7 hours of strong light, 14 hours of low light

Lighting range: 500M

Charging mode: built in hidden charging cable

Color: Black