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(Big promotion) Hand-held household vacuum cleaner Deerma DX115C, canister vacuum cleaner sales, portable mini vacuum cleaner for home and car, super quiet and powerful vacuum cleaner for cats and dogs pet hair. Cod

Regular Price: ₱1,630.00

Special Price ₱894.00

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Regular Price: ₱1,630.00

Special Price ₱894.00


1. Stainless steel and organic silicon materials are safer and healthier.
2. Foldable body, light and portable.
3. The retractable movable handle is flexible and convenient.
4. The base groove, novel design, easy to repair.
product detailed information:
[14Kpa strong suction] Perfectly suitable for marble, tile and hardwood floors, absorbing all surface debris and deep embedded dirt, such as cat litter, dog food debris, and pet hair. [Large dust capacity] 1.2L dust cup, this kind of vacuum does not require frequent emptying between two uses. [Advanced filtration system] Cyclone filtration, HEPA filtration and sponge filtration can capture 99.99% of microscopic dust. [3 different brushes] can be easily converted from rod vacuum to hand vacuum. Brushes can be used to clean trash stuck on the floor and sweep under furniture. The crevice nozzle can be used to suck garbage in the crevice, such as hair, pet hair and food. The cleaning brush can be used to clean sofas, beds, seats, etc. Lightweight and portable] quickly transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner, the best choice for home and office cleaning. [Removable and washable] Easy to empty the dirt cup and clean the filter

Product parameters:

Material: ABS / PC

Function of vacuum cleaner: dry type

Special nozzle: flat nozzle

Dust bucket volume: 1.2L

Voltage: 220 V

Power: 600W

Length of power line: 5m

Weight: 1.85 kg

Size: 58.5 * 14.5 * 13cm


1. When the vacuum cleaner fails to work normally, please check whether the plug contacts well and whether the plug fuse is disconnected?2. The vacuum can not be used continuously for more than 15 minutes. You need to pause for 1-2 minutes before continuing to use, otherwise it is easy to burn down the motor.